• Nickname LENOX

LENOX ALFARI BOHEMIA is nice solid black stud male with the wonderful
large head.Lenox has 12 titles!!


ZOP, BH, ZZO, ZMT, ZVV1, SPr.3, T1, ZPU1,ZPO1, OPT1.


He is doing the competentions in the police training.He is excellent for the explosive and protection.We used him for our breeding program, because he has hard character and quality pedigree!!Lenox’s father is – DOORS KROKODYLI FARMA -ZVV3!!Large dog, he his also many titles and from the mother’s site is here NAVAR HRONOVSKY PRAMEN  – ZVV3,PLUTO Z POHRANICNI STARZE ZVV2-Pluto z PS belongs to the 5th blood line that is based on former DDR branch founded by ALLI v. Granert- EX v. Riedstern – ARKO v. Grafental – TREU v. Schieferstolz – INGO z PS – VOLF z PS – EMIL z PS – CHULIGAN z PS. The mother of Pluto is a daughter of a significant stud dog in Czech Republic – GRIM z PS who belongs to the 3rd blood line founded by KLODO Box Berg – ENO v.Haus Schucker – CHULIGAN z Bozkovstejna – ARGO Agar – BEN z Bolfu – GRIM z PS – HESTRA z PS. MAMBO Z POHRANICNI STRAZE – ZVV3,IPO3,OP1

Mambo  was born and raised as a breeding dog in the famous z Pohranicni straze Kennels of the Czech Republic. The z Pohranicni straze  is a kennel that has been using genetics research for over 30 years to produce the best dogs for military and police training,