Superb K9 shepherds from Czech republic- 


We are produce high quality breeding and  training.
We are selling dogs from the 100% working CZECH,DDR and POHRANICNI STRAZ BLOODLINE.
We are specialize in the dogs with good character.
Our dogs are suitable for the POLICE, the MILITARY and BREEDING.

Kennel Pohranicni Straz

The Kennel z Pohranicni Straze (Z PS) was founded in the year 1955 for the sole purpose of producing and training dogs that would be exclusively used for the protection of the borders of the Czechoslovakian People’s Republic or, since 1968, the Czechoslovakian Socialist Republic. Most of the dogs used for breeding were acquired from the territory of former East Germany, as well as dogs from Czechoslovakia that excelled in their character qualities. 


The stud dogs, females and puppies were cared for by military service conscripts. The dogs were trained at the Kennels for about 12 months, and then relocated to Border Patrol training facilities (nowadays they’re quartered at Czech police training facilities).  Conditions were very trying for the dogs, temperatures typically being well below zero, with extremely deep snow being commonplace.

These dogs had to be extremely hardy and needed a quality coat to survive these conditions.

The breeding program, established in 1956, had various objectives, including strengthening the power of bones, and producing dogs with dark pigmentation, strong nerves and a willingness to work.

While the kennel name remains „z Pohranicni Straze“, it is now under the Pohranicni Policie (Border Police).